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High Kick Martial Arts is Your Partner in Parenting

Certified and Safe Instruction

Each instructor has passed an intensive background check and certification process that is the most comprehensive of all major professional martial arts organizations. The process is based on 50 years of tradition, research, and develop


High Quality Physical and Mental Training

Martial arts comprises challenges that provides many tangible benefits. From gaining balance and coordination to developing leadership capabilities benefiting all ages, the structured High Kick TaeKwonDo curriculum is a life-changing experience.


Our mission has always been creating leaders.

Master Yi is  30+ years of dedication to the arts has given him the opportunity to deeply understand martial arts concepts. He has intuitively linked life skills for kids with teachings of self defense techniques.  Ken is able to teach adults combative elements that are logically challenging while being fun.


Give your child the gift of a lifetime.

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Meet the Team

Testing or evaluation is important to martial artists of many disciplines who wish to determine their progression.

What Donors Say

We always consider peoples and our donor’s motivational words and their thought for making a better poverty free world